Funny to see our images talked about this way. We haven’t been in a studio for a full year now. Still, good to be talked about. (via Studio Lighting Essentials)

1 year ago

Bubble of Truth (La-di-da) (by dollen)

1 year ago

Jera - Broken (by Rj Dollen)

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Memory Lane (by dollen)

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Dear Kate (by dollen) “Even if you set my house on fire” Colorado model Kate Kingsley

2 years ago

Casanova Baby (by dollen) Colorado Model Kate Kingsley at Alive Studios. 

2 years ago

(via 500px / Photo “You, me and the bottle makes three” by Rj Dollen)

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6AM (Day after Christmas) Namaste (by dollen)

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Here’s to the night (by dollen)

3 years ago

…I’ll be watching you… (by dollen)

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choak hold (by dollen)

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What I got (by dollen)

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The Adventure (by dollen)

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Dream a Little Dream of Me (by dollen)

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Wild Horses (by dollen)

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